Bootloop after flashing SBF in RSDlite :(

Nov 28, 2010
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Flashed back to 2.3.34 from GB on my DX so I could flash the GB Root update. When I flash the SBF, I get nothing but a continuous bootloop. What am i doing wrong?
After the sbf finishes and you have a boot loop, you need to boot in to stock recovery and wipe data/factory reset.

Pull the battery and then press and hold the home button and power button simultaneously. When the android and exclamation point pop up, press the search button. Then do the factory reset and you should be set.

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I flashed again and it wnet through... Thank you for your swift responses guys! Great to know how much I can trust the Android Community!
Never tried to sbf using linux, might have to look into that though (sbf and gaming is the only reason I really use windows anymore lol).

@op what was the error message?

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If you have a linux machine I highly suggest using "SBF_Flash". I have never had an issue with using it on both my original Droid and Droid X.


waaayyyy easier than rsd

even if you don't run linux i think it's almost worth it to keep and ubuntu live cd around solely for the purposes of flashing sbfs

+1 I have Ubuntu dual booting on my computer for the sole reason of flashing sbf's.

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stupid question. How do you SBF when in a boot loop? I cant get RSD Light to see the phone.
Im at the Android system recovery utility screen. I have sbf'ed from this system before so I am pretty sure its not a driver issue.
stupid question. How do you SBF when in a boot loop? I cant get RSD Light to see the phone.

Hold down the down volume and camera button then press the power button. This will boot you into programming mode.
nvm I figured out how to get into the boot loader.