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Mar 20, 2011
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So I decided to root my phone and that worked perfectly with no problems. I will admit to being stupid and not backing up my phone before hand. I was a bit confused with a lot of the Droid rooting stuff and I thought I had researched it enough, but I guess not. The phone will at times boot up into Clockwork, but I already formatted everything which again, is pure inexperience. I admit to being stupid. Now I know that I could mount my SD card, but it's not mounting through the phone. So right now, I'm in a situation where my phone won't boot up and everything is pretty much gone. Now I am a Flextronics Employee (Tech support for Verizon) and I am aware of the void warranty issue. However, since everything is wiped and I have a spare SD card, what can I exactly do right now? Some solutions or a link would be great.
you can flash an sbf to get back to complete stock and start over. there's a great guide in the mderschramm's dx sbf tutorial in my signature.
It's not picking up my phone at all right now. This seems to be a really big issue. =/
what all did you do when trying to flash it? i've never done it myself but i've done it vicariously. what os is your computer?
Windows 7 32 bit. I've plugged it in and unplugged it multiple times. I'm heading home now. Going to try rebooting my computer then try it again. Should I use the Droid X Recovery Menu, or the Clockwork Menu? Either way, my phone isn't being picked up. Some good links would be great. I DL'd RSD Lite and some of the files. Just that my phone isn't coming up.
How would I do that? I got it back running and everything is alright now, but for future references, I would like to know.

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Ok thanks for your help Spaz. I'll use this thread probably if I have another problem. It can be closed if needed. I'm done posting in this thread.