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Jan 12, 2010
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Milwaukee, WI
What up,

Name is David. Been lurking for some time now and thought it was time to finally make a thread about myself and start participating. As far as my username this is sort of what happened,
"David, why be original when you can just copy the forum administrators username?"

So now you know the origin of my highly unoriginal username.

Some other basics:
Age: 19

Gender: Male (no ****)

Occupation: Student at Marquette University
I am studying Biology at the moment with the hopes of getting into dental school. In case you were wondering, it sucks.

Hobbies: School owns my soul, summer beach volleyball, taking my boat out, skiing, music, partying (I've been know to drink a beer or two), girls, gadgets (I can't get enough), and ESPN.

Interests: Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Marquette Basketball, Alabama Crimson Tide (been a fan my entire life so no bandwagon fan here I promise you that), I Love Music, You can't beat me in Wii Tennis, some video games, and I definitely love the outdoors.

So I guess that makes it easy to kinda figure out who I am. As far as my tech skill, better than all my friends, which isn't saying a whole lot but I've been known to get my nerd on from time to time.

Owned my DROID for what? A couple weeks now and it's pretty dank, almost returned it to wait for the Nexus One to come to VZW but couldn't see myself going back to my Dare and am happy with my decision. I kinda feel like this may turn into a XBOX 360 PS3 sort of situation, where even though Nexus One has the hardware, the DROID will have the support and fan base, but who knows I could be completely wrong.

I'll contribute some when exciting things happen that haven't been talked about yet, but don't expect too many new threads from me.

Post is now Dunzo