BodyGuardz Privacy ScrennGaurdz


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Aug 24, 2010
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I paged through the accessories forum and didn't see that there were any reviews on the BodyGuardz privacy ScreenGuardz for the X, sooo I thought I'd share my feeling on this screen protector.

First off it was really easy to apply as well as remove (I had to adjust it couple times to get it right :)). Left no air bubbles or weird gunk on the screen. It's basically the same as those 3m privacy blocker that you can pick up for your laptop.

You get roughly a thirty percent viewing angle, but directly on is obviously tops. It does dim the screen down a bit, and if you are viewing it in sunlight you'd need the brightness to be up slightly higher than normal. This didn't really bother me, mostly due to usually not pulling my phone out when I'm outside amongst the general populous. That being said when its night or when inside I have been running my normal brightness levels with no strain or problems. There is also no discoloration of the screen at all (which was a problem that I was having with some of the other screen shields).

I've actually had alot of "OOOooo that's cool" reactions when people thought that I was playing with my phone while the screen was off, and a couple of guys from work are picking one of for their devices after they saw it. Overall I highly recommend it if you are looking for a shield for your screen.