LG G3 Screen flicker and dim


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Sep 14, 2011
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Well, after a long time of having nearly no problems on my G3, my screen finally decided to go. Weird thing is, it was super sudden. No warnings or anything, and now today it's unusable.
Here are the symptoms:
-It will flicker, then fade. As it fades, it looks like a good old fashioned burn in, until it finally goes to black.
-Most of the time, there is still haptic feedback when the screen is touched, and upon coming back on, it does show that I had done random things.
-When the screen does come on, it'll only turn on with double tap, not the power button. The button is useless for turning it back on.
-It has sometimes started flickering at the boot screen, now, but oddly doesn't do it much in safe mode.
-At times it's totally normal, no flickers, no problems at all for awhile, then it'll just go blank.

Things I've done:
-Obviously reboot which I thought would fix it.
-Uninstalled the couple apps I installed last night.
-Played with the various touch settings.
-Removed the lock screen thinking it could have been that.
-I want to do a factory reset, but of course I've been too busy to root and backup, so I'd have to do it in between awkward screen flickers. Any suggestions there?

I'm really hoping it's not a physical problem, but I'm now thinking more and more that it may be. It's just strange that it comes on so strongly and looks so normal before it dies, and it had given no hints.

I've only found 2 other threads that had symptoms like this. One on Android Central that had no happy ending, and then one on Reddit that didn't either. It's just really puzzling. Even the people on the threads who send the phone into LG for a repair still reported the same problems occurring!

If anyone can figure out this mystery, then it'll be DF. :)