BlueTooth Voice Dialing Woes - Built in vs. Nuance


Nov 26, 2010
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So I just installed Fission and after testing the BT voice dialing I am realizing that the poor recognition renders it useless. It looks like it is using voicedial.apk vs. the Nuance VoiceCommands.apk that is in the official rom.

I did go ahead and install Google Voice Search but that doesn't seam to work for calling. I also thought I could install the Nuance apk but there is some framework stuff missing I think so it errors.

Just got a new Jawbone Icon and pretty bummed that the Voice dialing is useless. I am hoping there is a way to to link the BT button to some other voice dial app or put Nuance back since it worked very well for me in stock.

After researching, there are many suffering with BT V-Dial. Anyone else struggling with this?