Bluetooth streaming music and FRG01B- Works GREAT!


Aug 3, 2010
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Being afraid of rooting, I took the plunge last week and did the manual FR01B update since it was an official OTA release. I have to state that my phone works awesome! I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

One thing I want to note is the improvement in streaming music via bluetooth. When I got my Droid (back in November/December), I also bought an Alpine EX-10 bluetooth adapter for my car and interfaced it with my factory stereo system. I wanted to stream music via bluetooth to my car stereo and this did the job, however, it worked very sporadically. Sometimes the music automatically started playing when I turned on the car and other times I had to start the music player manually. Other times my Alpine remote would allow me to change tracks and sometimes it wouldn't (I'd have to go to the music player to change tracks).

Also, for voice calling (or receiving calls), the first call would always be un-hearable (very strange digitized sound) and every call after that would be fine. Very annoying.

I never knew if these problems were due to my Alpine or my phone. But after doing the 2.2 manual update (FRG01B), all these problems have gone away. My first call after turning on the car is now perfect. Also, everytime I get in the car, the music player automatically starts up and starts playing. I can use the Alpine remote to change tracks, pause/play, or make a call. I can even change tracks in Pandora (this was possible before, but intermittent).

I know some people rather use the headphone jack and plug it in the auxiliary port of their car stereo. That had always worked fine. But I just like walking in the car and not having to even touch my phone and stream music and calls.

I hadn't seen anyone mention this fix in bluetooth streaming music yet, so I decided to post this and give a big Kudos to this fix. I love it!