Bluetooth from gamers


Jun 13, 2010
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I was a huge gamer until I had kids. I linked my Sony Official PS3 Bluetooth headset to my Moto Droid and love it. I can get around 25 feet away before it starts to get any static. Reception is crystal clear and everyone I've talked to can't even tell I'm on it. Is has all the features (vol up/down, Call waiting, on/off) of any other headset plus a mute button. I love the mute button for the fact that my wife likes to ask me questions while I'm on the phone. The Sony PS3 headset can be worn on either ear. It comes with different size donuts to customize the fit to your ear. If you don't mind the PS logo on the side, I would recommend check it out. Price new is around $45. (USD) Might find it cheaper on Ebay.