Blazing Fast tether speeds!


May 11, 2010
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Today I tethered my phone to download a file--it downloaded at anywhere between 5 and 6 mb/s. It topped out at 743 kbps! That's insane! Over a cellular network! I live in Ohio, and work near North Canton--not exactly the fastest EV-DO (3G) speeds around here.

However, after tethering for a certain amount of time, my connection seems to just stop. Has anyone else run into this problem? I have to reboot the entire phone sometimes to get a data connection back.

Edit: I'm using a rooted Droid 1 and wired tether (WiFi Tether worked too)
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I tether every now and then and never lose my connection when I disconnect from my pc.

What tethering program are you using?

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I'm using Wired Tether and WiFi Tether...those are the actual app names.

I reboot my phone when this happens and I get data back, but it even happens to me over extended periods of time tethering, which is weird.
I've had the same exact problem, never figured out what exactly was causing it. It only ever happened when I was using a lot of bandwidth, specifically downloading numerous files through a torrent while tethered. I would have full 3G, start the tether, start the downloads, wait about 5 minutes, and then I would lose service. A reboot fixes the problem. I could use the tether for normal purposes though, like surfing the web, for extended amounts of time without losing service.. Very strange.