Blackberry PRIV Officially Goes up for Pre-Order on Blackberry's Store in US, UK & Canada


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Dec 30, 2010
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It turns out that the Blackberry PRIV was a bit less expensive than the rumors/leaks had suggested. It just became officially available for pre-order on Blackberry's own store in the United States, the UK and Canada.

In the US, the new security conscious device will sell for $699 unlocked; in the UK it is £559; in Canada it is $899. This price is basically at parity with most flagship device prices on first launch. Considering Blackberry's impressive security features on top of the uniqueness of this phone, this seems like a solid price.

It's major caveat at this time is that it doesn't appear to be compatible with Verizon and Sprint's CDMA network. This initial version is apparently only a GSM variant. There was another bit of intel that turned out to be wrong from the previous leak. Instead of the phone shipping on November 16th, it will be shipping on November 6th.

Source: Blackberry Store

For more info and further discussion on Blackberry's first solid Android device, head over to our dedicated section here: Blackberry PRIV | Android Forum at
i predict a flop. People have moved on, they've gotten into their devices and I doubt they'll be looking back.
I think you're right. My gf loved physical keyboards but that was 2 phones ago and I showed her a pic of this one and asked her if she wanted one and she looked at me like I was crazy. o_O
To be honest, this is the first BB that ever interested me and they went straight for the overpriced category.
Given all the new high-end phones available/on the horizon, the cost of phones will not be 700 for long, thanks to the Chinese manufacturers. Apple's and Samsung's days are numbered...
I honestly don't see the appeal. Expensive phone with no huge features seeing it apart. We'll see if I'm shut up by the hardcore fans still hanging in there

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This may be the phone that tempts me away from the g4.

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I was interested but can not bring myself to paying that price for that device by that company given this is their first android device.

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