black touch no lights just screen blank


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Jul 23, 2011
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this just happened yesterday but my droid 1 went blank. nothing worked, no buttons lit up, but screen looked like it was on but still black. yesterday before i turned it off the touch screen still vibrated when i touched it but now it doesnt do anything.

i didnt download anything for the past couple days and the only thing i did download were some games
A friend mine just had problems with his, same way. What version are u running? Is ur system in need of an upgrade? Are u rooted?
its 2.2 no need of an upgrade that i know of and not rooted
yeah...the light on the screen comes on but its blank
would it matter if i had it ofr a while?

U can still take to vzw to have it checked. U just wanna know if its something internal that a replacement maybe needed. How long did u have the device for? Wouldn't hurt to have a tech look at it.