Bionic won't recognize mp3s after Jelly Bean update

The Jefus Wrench

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Sep 9, 2010
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Hey guys,

So my Dad's phone updated itself to Jelly Bean (Bionic) and he's been having all sorts of problems. The current one I'm trying to fix is to get the a music player to recognize the mp3s (yes, mp3s not wma or mp4 or ???). If I use the Files browser to get to them I can click on one and it will play, but they don't show up in a library.

I used to have all of his mp3s on his SD card but thought that might have been the issue so I moved them over to the internal storage and still nothing. I have tried a couple of players from the Play store and none of them have worked for recognizing (indexing?) his music.

Any advice is welcomed! Thanks!