Bionic turns off, will only boot with charge cable or battery pull


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Jul 18, 2010
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I was just issued a corporate phone. I unboxed a Bionic and thought 'sweet deal'! (i also own a gs3)
I took it to IT and they got it all set-up with email etc. and it runs ICS

Now, the phone keeps turning itself off. Nothing i do will power it back on. If i plug in a charge cable, the phone will boot. a battery pull will have the same effect. I can't pin point whats causing it. The phone is totally stock. I cant root it etc, (i work for a data sensitive corp). then today i put the toggle switches widget on one of the home pages (to turn on and off wifi, blutooth etc) and hit the 'sync' toggle to off. then when i hit it to turn on, the phone instantly rebooted. So i figured it has something to do with the data snc etc. Problem is, i cant turn it of because i need to be able to be reached through email immediately, like a text message would. Also, i have not been able to reproduce the same result be toggling the sync switch...

anyone have any suggestions?

much obliged!


Sep 3, 2012
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Um sounds like you shouldn't be messing with this device. Or call your it dept?

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