bionic stuck on boot screen


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Jul 1, 2010
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ok so I'm stuck on the boot screen and here is how that happened................
I was flashing a new rom and i had the battery cover off. I was in CWM and had wiped everything on the phone and also formatted the system and was about to flash ICS ........... then all of the sudden a terrorist (that looked a lot like Chuck Norris) kicked in my front door and roundhouse kicked my phone out of my hand and the battery came out. As my phone fell to the ground I quickly disposed of the Chuck Norris imposter. Or maybe I have those small BK hands and dropped the phone.

But anyways my Bionic is now stuck on the Motorola Duel Core boot screen. I can get to the original android recovery but the only rom i have is not signed and will not flash. Can I just download the stock signed rom and flash that. If so where can I get a signed rom? If not, what can I do?
Goto main bionic forum, look for a stickied thread by sargentmajord. They have assisted in fixing over 600 bionics.

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