Bionic Random Battery Self Destruct Mode...


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Sep 9, 2011
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So my bionic has this nifty feature. It will just suddenly decide to go into try to melt the battery mode. (I'm actually surprised i don't get the cool your phone down message when this happens)

I can't quite figure it out either... not really doing anything weird like leaving camera app in focus, downloading anything, it just doesn't make sense...

It doesn't happen all the time, or even everyday. When it does i normally catch it when the phone has heated up enough for me to notice it in my pocket. by that time i'm at 20% battery... i reset the phone and it wont happen for a while again...

I've seen it go from a full battery just unplugged from the charger status to... wtf 15% battery left? it's been 45 minutes and i didn't do anything with it? o(¿.?)o /rage o(Ò.Ó)o

Anyone else's bionic equipped with this feature? Or maybe have any tips on figuring out the real culprit behind it? i'm figuring it's something that getting stuck in a process loop or something... i know one time i got a msg saying lookout has been running constantly for the last x minutes or something like that and it asked if i wanted to kill the app... but i haven't gotten that msg more than once or had it happen to another app.

i normally leave wifi/bluetooth on because i'm either at home or at work most of the time. both have wifi. bluetooth music in car too... (bluetooth seems to eat battery like crazy on this phone for some reason too...)