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Sep 5, 2010
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$1.99 on Samsung Gear Store
A bike computer on your wrist or mounted to your bars using a watch band mount. A built in pedometer for those that aren't into bicycle riding so much. Track your bike route using the GPS on your phone or just use it standalone as a pedometer.
I've used it for walking to test it out but it was raining so I didn't break out the bike to test yet. As a pedometer I was able to see where I was on a map, see my current speed based on steps per minute after disconnecting my the gps as well as calories burned as I walked. The bike computer also shows when you are above, below or on pace with your average speed. That was one of my most used features on my standalone bike computer back when I was an avid rider to keep me honest when I started to slack off and not realize I was getting lazy.

After resetting stats during a walk

Total distance combined to walking and riding but since I'd not ridden any it's all walking to the end of my street to test the app

Settings page

High contrast off. Hard to see for me. It's why I didn't but until he added the high contrast option.


Reset individual stats or all

Nothing fancy shmancy that syncs with anything else to compare things, no memberships to log into, but what it does it seems to do very well. Fast location lock and view on the map. Pretty much like my old CatEye bike computer but $1.99 instead of $45+ and available GPS instead of carrying my ancient Garmin Etrex also.
I'd like for them to incorporate the heart rate sensor on the watch but I'm ok with things as they are now. I can run an exercise session on S Health at the simultaneously if I want my current, average, highest heart rate instead of carrying my hrm if need be. I've also got a heart rate monitor app if I don't want to bother syncing those stats later. I can just screen shot the stats for whatever app if I want a record. No biggie. The developer adds features about once a month so it might actually be added soon.

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