[Big Leak] 'The All New HTC One' Campaign Slogan and Gold Press Render Leaked


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Dec 30, 2010
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Apparently, HTC's new bigger and louder approach to marketing also includes letting the PR folks take a pass on security. We've seen so many leaks regarding the next-gen HTC One (M8) that the boat is no longer leaky, she's already sinking and this latest one will send her straight to the depths. As you can see above, we have a leaked press render of a gold colored M8 device.

That's not all though... apparently, HTC's new campaign slogan for the device was also leaked. The HTC One sequel will be called "The All New HTC One," or "The All New One," or "HTC One 2014," and/or all three of these.

Along with this intel, there are also rumors regarding the color choices we will see with the new device. One leaker suggests it will come in grey/silver/gold, while another suggests dark gray, silver, gold, red, and blue. We suspect that both are true. At first, HTC will likely just launch the first three colors, but sometime later in the year HTC will launch the other two colors.

Of course, that's an easy conclusion to "jump to" considering that's what they have done in the past.

Source: @evleaks
Why not call it the all new htc one? I've never understood why companies feel the need to give something a new name just because its the next generation of essentially the same product. Samsung just puts a number after the letter S or the word Note. It works just fine. If HTC plans on releasing one a year, calling it the HTC One 2014 is just fine. Its basically the same product with newer hardware. Anywho, hope it succeeds for them just fine.
Maybe it's just me, but my first impression of the gold color made me think they should name it the HTC-3PO...

Motorola already did the R2-D2 lol