best battery app


Feb 14, 2010
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I currently have batterytime lite, it's a wonderful app, tells me approximate battery life, temperature, and voltage. it uses very little battery.
my only gripe is that it shows percentages in 10% increments..
that said, are there any free apps that don't use a lot of power and breaks down the battery life into 1% increments?
The original Droid only reports battery life in 10% increments until you get down to under 20%, its not a problem with the app but with the hardware.
Gauge Battery Widget will show in 5% and Battery Left Widget will report in 1%...I use Gauge battery widget and do not notice alot of battery use by it...
if what harrelj says is true (not doubting), then how does battery left widget measure the battery?

in any case i'm going to try battery left widget and put it right next to batterytime to see how accurate it is.

I'm pretty sure it estimates the percentages between the 10% incriments but I could be wrong.

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Battery Left is good but takes several days of typical use after drawing your battery down and fully recharging to create an estimate of battery life for you. Do a search and review the old threads to get a good handle on it.

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yeah i just installed it and it said the same thing. i'm willing to give it a try to see how accurate it is and if it will drain my battery any faster.