Battery use and Google Maps


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Aug 4, 2010
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Hi guys, I have htc droid incredible.

I have a question about Battery use and Google Maps. I made a search before but I could not find an answer.

When I use the widget 'Battery Use' I see the following information:

Maps 91%
Cell standby 4%
Phone idle: 3%
Android system: 2%

The thing is, I see this all the time even long after i closed the maps application (I use an app killer application). in this window when I click on 'Maps' it says 'Battery used by application when running' but this is confusing because I want to know the current battery and not the history of battery usage. So what is the meaning of this information? I see the same information when im in airplane mode. How can I know the current use of battery?

Can anyone clarify this issue?

I dont want to know the battery level, I want to understand the battery usage at the moment i check it just like you would do in windows when you press ctrl+alt+del and then go to the performance tab and see what's taking resources from the cpu. if i closed all applications i would expect to see that the phone is almost 100% idle, however i see a different status as i described
don't think that's possible...

some apps run background data which is normal for Android.
my question wasn't about task killers, it seems people dont read the questions here, I explained twice my question and it wasnt about task killers, its about analyzing the device performance


I have the same issue and I understand your frustration. I will kill all applications using TaskKiller and then will leave the phone idle for a few hours (I realize that you shouldn't do this often, which I don't, but I'm trying to make sure I close the Maps app, which I rarely use BTW). Then I'll check the battery usage and it will say something like this:

  • Maps - 90%
  • Cell Standby - 4%
  • Bluetooth - 3%
  • Phone Idle - 3%
The Maps application does not seem to be running in the background at all, and this occurs whether I use the app or not. I checked the Location Setting and it is set to "911 Only" rather than "Location On," so it's not using the batter there. If I can get this under control my batter issues would be non-existence.