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Mar 22, 2010
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Ok so have been running mostly Revolution HD and Gummy ROM.. I have recently went back to full stock to do some comparing.. When running a custom ROM I notice that "android OS" uses a lot of battery it always falls under screen (obviously) but when I am on a custom ROM it 's pretty high percentage compared to my most recent battery cycle on full stock.. This battery cycle on full stock was amazing.. to say the least it was like 25 hours (the majority being on wifi at home) but still it didn't seem to drain as fast as when on a custom ROM, and Android OS was second to screen as normal but not nearly as high a percentage.

here is a screenshot of the stock ROM battery cycle
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any one notice anything similar?
I run Android Revolution and it is great. Stock look, handles some tasks better (have yet to notice a difference) and huge increase in battery life.:)
Has anyone compared the Axi0m series and the Android Revolution? I have been running Axiom from the get go and would like to know if AR is noticeably slower before I flash and start over.

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I can say that AR is no slower than stock. As for faster, they say the gpu takes up more of the workload for certain things, but I have no accurate way to rate that.
Can u post a screen shot of how much time your screen has been on?
This is the best I got. That was mostly light to moderate use. Sorry forgot to take a screen shot when it got down to around 15%. I recall it being about 25hrs?

As for Android OS, that's a problem with ICS and Google is aware of it, from what I've heard

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My phone suffered from the "Keep Awake" bug and so I got terrible battery life on stock (there are some reported fixes/work-arounds for this now). I've found two roms that specifically addresses this issue. One was the Kang-Toro Rom [ROM] Android Open Kang Project - toro build (20)12 [Dec 31] - RootzWiki and the other is the Axiom Roms My battery life is great with both of these.

Also, don't get too hung up with the battery usage chart as it doesn't represent actually amount of battery used by each app, but rather think of it as a pie chart where the amount of total battery consumed so far is the 100% pie. The top battery uses are then assigned a percentage as their part of that pie.

Good luck.
HUGE jump in battery life with Axiom 2.2. Also if you know your going a long time between charges, turn off 4G until you need it.

Im not smart enough, but I would love an app that turns on 4G on demand. It just waste a lot of battery when the phone is idle