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Dec 10, 2010
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Ok, so I just rooted. I'm checking out the battery calibration apps. If I run one on my Droid X will I be able to see my battery's true percentage, as opposed to the rediculous 10% increments?

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Wow, thanks. Saw that app a long time ago...wish I had tried it. Much appreciated.

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It depends on the ROM you run, too. Cm7 with the Froyo kernel supports 1%. But not with the gb kernel. I don't believe any of the AOSP-based roms do under the gb kernel. Moto did something funky and broke that.


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In my opinion, every battery monitoring app is a close approximation as opposed to a 100% accurate tool though the stock battery info is quite accurate in terms of how much has been used as well as how much is remaining. Any app I've added closely corresponds to the stock info so they all appear to be as accurate as they can be (though that's probably because they all refer to the same battery stats file so what do I know?)

I've never run any calibration routines or charged/drained/charged/drained/charged, removed battery stats files etc., and the stock info seems to be just fine. That's all on a new Droid X I've had since October of last year. All still an approximation though.