Battery hotness limit?


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Sep 18, 2010
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So I've been on tethering for last 4 hours now, and its charging at the same time. Battery temp is at 44 degree Celsius and by touching it is very hot. Is there a limit to how hot the battery should become? Should I shut it down and let it cool off?
Idk about celsius, but I've heard that anything pushing 120 fahrenheit can cause damage to the electronics in your phone.

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I wouldnt let it get above 50C (~120F). Above 140F (60C) the battery will reach thermal runaway and self-heat until it bursts into flames or melts.
I've got SetCPU set to throttle my processor to 600/300 max/min when the temp hits 46C. No issues so far. I believe I read the batteries are rated up to 60C as was stated earlier, but I feel no need to push that limit.