battery cover droid x


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May 19, 2010
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my story starts from sunday called tech support because my dialpad was n ont working on droid1 after doing a few things with phone still not working going to send me a warrenty replacement but none in stock so rep tells me i am getting a droid 2 ok no prob come to find out they have no droid 2 back and fourth with them all week the send my a droid x ok cool but they warrenty replacemnets dont have a battery cover your suppose to use the one off your old phone so i call them she tells me to take cover off the old phone tell her i had the original droid oh she says thats a problem so we call motorola they are out of stock for a week or so i am told now vz rep tels me i can have a n ally or just wait for the cover when moto gets them in they will credit my bill for what it costs she tells me i could call the stores and see if they have any going back they can give me a cover off of well called like 10 to 15 stores yesterday they dont have any looked online at accessery website couldnt find cover well not giving up the x anyone have any ideas dont feel like waiting for moto to have them in stock again.
Order a bigger battery for the phone they come with new covers. you get longer battery life and you get your cover.
That's what I 'd do too. You won't regret getting the extended battery.

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Thats what I would do too but I wouldnt order it, the vzw retail stores are stocking the extended batteries so just go get 1 for that instant gratification fix :)