Backup Storage location and removal?

Chief Wahoo

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Nov 21, 2009
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So, I believe that all Nandroid backups are stored on the SD Card in the Nandroid folder.

My question is how many of them do folks keep and is it as simple as going in, using Root Explorer and deleting some of the old ones (say the ones attributed to 2.01 ROMs) and keeping the later ones that you may have a need to revert to?

Simple question, but I surely wouldn't want to go in and delete something "importan".



You really only need to save your last one maybe two if you are experimenting with different roms. I downloaded smoked glass 6.0 yesterday and made a backup before I did it, then it made one for me before I wiped and I had an older one on there from last week. After i was up I deleted the oldest one and kept 2 the one I renamed and the one glass made for me. I will delete the one glass made for me in a few days leaving only one. It also might be a wise idea to take one of them and drop it on your computer just in case your card gets wiped. (mine never has but you never know)