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Dec 15, 2011
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I was curious on why when I use root explorer and view my SD card, it tells me that I only have a 4 gb SD card and only 1.6 gb left to use. But on the other hand when I go to my settings it tells me that I have an 7.39 total SD card space, and 6.9 gb available space. I was wondering why the difference in SD storage spaces? Another thing when I go into my root browser and look into a folder name "sdcard-ext" then it does show I have 7 gb left of free space. I would rather store my apps and everything in the folder with more space in it. Does anyone have any information on this? Also in each of these folders "sdcard" and "sdcard-ext" they both have the folder "android" with almost the same files located in them. Should I keep both? I just do not want space being wasted.