Backup/Restore UnRooted Razr-M to Rooted Razr-M


Nov 8, 2012
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I have had issues (well I think one issue is the root cause) rooting a Razr M after the OTA JB install/update. I think the solution includes a Factory Restore (effectively wiping everything from the device), to clean up the device prior to root. I've already read a number of various threads related to back/restore options but there's a couple specifics I want to try to avoid screwing up.

I had assumed I would be already running Titanium Backup on this device (requires root to install and run from what I can tell), but started using the phone to explore/test a little with ICS then OTA JB to see if I wanted to hold off till JB 4.2 and somewhat assumed I would flash back to ICS on this Razr M. Well, I plan to stay with JB (battery life improvements along with a number of small things that outweigh the negatives list has me staying with commitment to JB & 4.2 in near future).

I am looking for an intern solution to backup/restore everything on the device, that will allow me to Factory Reset, then Root, then do a full-restore (without screwing things up). Then proceed with Titanium Backup in the future (unless recommended better long-term backup option). I am concerned that any Motorola software/app solutions (and other app/software for that matter) might get messed up with the fact that the OS at backup would be non-rooted, and at restore rooted.

Any thoughts, guidance, links and info would be greatly appreciated.