Backing up Contact Ringetone Assignments


Feb 24, 2010
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Backing up Contact Ringtone Assignments

I did a search and this issue has been addressed many times, but never answered definitively. Is there an app or way to do this if you are not rooted? I am getting a replacement phone from Verizon today and don't want to do this manually. Does the setting on your phone under Privacy/Back up my data and Automatic Restore do this? If not what do these do? I will be downloading MyBackUp Pro but I do not thing this does it.
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Good question. I'm assuming you've received your new droid by now....did the backup data thing work for your assigned ringtones?
I was told that my replacement was back ordered. I should receive it sometime this up coming week.
Aww that sucks! I just did some searching and I came up with this:

menu button -> more -> import/export -> Export to SD card

after it's done exporting

menu button -> more -> import/export -> export from SD card
and chose destination as phone, and if you have multiple backups , chose select multiple backups and check the one you want

after this is done

go to any contact -> edit
you'll find there are 2 tabs , google tab and phone tab
go to phone tab , and there is the ringtone drop down menu *yay*

Can't hurt to give it a try! Let us know if that worked :D
Does not work. It creates double contacts. There is no tab for phone or google on my Droid. I had to log into my google account online and delete all the double contacts. Thanks for trying!