Award Winning iOS Game Called Leo’s Fortune Comes to Android


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Dec 30, 2010
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The highly popular and award winning iOS game, Leo's Fortune, just came to Android. The game has been out for some time on iOS devices, and it's great to see it finally come to the Google Play Store for Android. It's gorgeous design aesthetic and endearing flavor is impressive in a day and age when originality is hard to come by in games. It's a platformer style game, which will appeal to the old-school console crowd.

The game centers around an adorable little ball of fur who had his gold stolen. He embarks on an epic adventure across 20+ levels to find the thief and get his fortune back. The game even has a Hardcore Mode that you must unlock by finishing the game first. Once unlocked, you can only succeed in this mode if you make it through every level without dying once. There are also special achievements which will unlock bonus levels. Here's a quick quote from the Google Play Store with a few more details, as well as the source link below,

Leo’s Fortune is an award-winning platform adventure game where you hunt down the cunning and mysterious thief that stole your gold. Beautifully hand-crafted levels bring the story of Leo to life in this epic adventure.
"Leo's Fortune is one of the most dazzling platform games I've seen, with graphics that rival recent-gen consoles." - CNET

"Leo's Fortune is a masterpiece. 100 out of 100" - 100%

"Leo's Fortune is an excellent platformer...controls fit tablet play perfectly, and the clever, gorgeous design is evident throughout." – Joystiq

“I just returned home to find all my gold has been stolen! For some devious purpose, the thief has dropped pieces of my gold like breadcrumbs through the woods. Despite this pickle of a trap, I am left with no choice but to follow the trail. Whatever lies ahead, I must recover my fortune.” -Leopold

through lush environments from mossy forests and arid deserts, to pirate cities and snowy mountains.

vicious traps and solve physics-based puzzles through 24 levels of treacherous platform adventure.

the trail of gold and uncover the truth behind Leo’s stolen fortune in this award-winning platformer.

Finish Leo’s Fortune to unlock Hardcore Mode: try to beat the whole game without dying, a rare feat among players of this epic platform adventure! Compete with your friends to beat as many levels as you can in the fastest time possible.

Leo’s Fortune supports Game Controllers and Gamepads made for Android devices, Cloud Save, Leaderboards and Achievements.

Check out our Rube Goldberg trailer featuring the levels of the game brought to real life:

Leo's Fortune was made by 1337 & Senri, and is $4.99 on the Play Store: