Google Working With Devs To Create Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games for Android & iOS


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

The Game Developers Conference is coming to San Francisco this week. Google has already been turning up their hype machine a bit. They just announced a few new treats for gamers. One, they are planning on launching a "game gifts" service. It is designed for gamers to be able to send their in-game loot/prizes/swag to other players. They are also planning to up the number of game categories in the Play store to 18. Their desire is that gamers will be able to find interesting titles more easily.

The most intriguing new enhancements they are planning have to do with the Google Play games services. Developers will be able to use Google's new backend tool for managing achievements, leaderboards and more, and the best part is that it will work in Android, iOS and web-based games. On top of that, Google has added multiplayer support for iOS games, and they are updating their Unity plug-in to enable cross-platform multiplayer gaming between Android and iOS devices. This is great news for folks who want to game with their iOS toting buddies.