Audio out to car stereo


Dec 31, 2009
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Peculiar issue. When listening to Pandora and go plug into my auxiliary out (using the 3.5mm jack) into my car or home stereo nothing happens. I was looking at the headphone plug and notice 4 connections vs 3 on traditional auxiliary cables. So, if am using my headphones, then take them out and plug into the car or home, it works fine, audio comes out L and R speakers. Plugging my headphones in briefly to get the phone to sense the cable seems to be what it takes.

I've went through the settings and haven't found anything that seems like it would. I have "audio out when plugged into dock" checked. I've tried unchecking it as well but doesn't seem to make a difference.

I've done some google and forum searches and the only thing that comes back are issues with phone calls while using Bluetooth and listening to the stereo. This isnt' the issue I'm having though. No Buetooth or phone call involved.

Any ideas?