Audio and picture files randomly corrupt after ICS install


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Nov 16, 2012
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Before Ice Cream Sandwich dropped on the Bionic (my current phone), I had no real problems as far as programs or software goes. Everything was working perfectly well. Over the past several weeks (after the ICS update) I've noticed that my music and picture files have been randomly corrupting. Random pictures on my phone will randomly become "unable to display" and random music files will randomly become unplayable. They will work just fine one day, then the next day I get "this audio format is not supported" when I try to play the same song. I've noticed that the songs it does this to are more often than not, all songs from the same album(s); to clarify a bit, the songs that corrupt are not the same songs every time, they are always different but the chunk of songs that corrupt are almost always on the same album as one another (hopefully that makes sense). If I delete them and then re-download them they work just fine. The same goes for my pictures, except they can't be re-downloaded. Like I said, it didn't start doing this until about a month ago when ICS came out. Is anyone else experiencing this? Why the hell is it doing it and is there anything I can do? I've tried doing resets and using several different music players, but they all give me the same error message on the same music files (when they stop working, that is).