Asurion phones? Are they all refurbished?


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Jul 25, 2010
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Are all asurion phones refurbished? The back, menu, home, and search button from the phone they gave me does not light up as much it's very dim, my phone also came with a charger that does not hook up to usb! Is my phone most likely refurbished? Is there anything I can do?
It's a miracle if you get a new one. My Asurion replacement has a loose screen, a small chip on the back that was painted over, and my replacement charger was a generic non-USB one. Disappointing to say the least.
Not all of the phones you get from asurion are refurbs, but probably about 95% are. You didn't do a claim on a brand new phone, why should you get a brand new phone as a replacement?
When you talk to an Asuroin agent, they have the ability to designate your replacement as non-refurbished.

I know this because I got a refurbished phone from them years ago and a few a the features were mysteriously missing from the phone. I called and complained, and the guy said that he would make it so that I received a brand new phone. And I did.

So don't be afraid to turn on the charm and ask that you receive a non-refurbished phone.
I've done 3 insurance claims in the last 6 years and got 2 out 3 new.
Assurion does suck for the most part..but...

I recieved a brand new iphone 4 replacement from assurion, box and all. I guess I was lucky. But what I did for, when I had my samsung instinct, is that I complained about the replacement phone, sended it back and they sent me a brand new one. Keep complaining and they probably send you a brand new one, to shut you up. LOL