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Jul 2, 2010
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I know this has been reported a lot, but ive also seen that some people are skeptics, as was I. Anyway, I had to get a droid replacement last month as I had one stolen. I got my replacement, a refurbished droid 1, i didnt complain, just went along my merry way, but then I started noticing that the replacement didnt act like the one I lost (maybe because mine was rooted and overclocked, but I didnt mention that to Asurion). Either way I called them today, I didnt tell them anything that wasnt true. I said that I wasnt happy with my droid replacement, and that I would like a NEW droid rather than a refurb (now, of course I had an idea that they wouldnt have any new droids), and NO talking to a supervisor, NO yelling at the technician, and NO lying, she politely offered me a brand new droid 2 or an HTC incredible.

Needless to say, my droid 2 will be here tomorrow. :)
Well, congratulations!!! Now, don't complain when the insurance rates continue to climb every other year. I bet asurion thanks you for passing your good fortune on to everybody here so that they can now do it too!!!!
I'm wanting to get a Droid 2 as well but I'm debating

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Not necessarily. I don't want to go through numerous replacements at my attempt to upgrade to a Droid 2 or Incredible. I want to be able to call and get a new upgrade the first time. The original Droid is giving me a lot of problems but none that I think are replaceable

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Is this Droid douche bag day? I'm saying the original Droid is useless basically

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You're missing the whole point why this is even going on in the first place. If you insure a device you EXPECT one that's AT LEAST equal, not completely downgrade.

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Let's make sure to be respectful to eachother -

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Here's how I see it. IF you get a Droid 2 from Asurion or through vzw HONESTLY. Consider it a happy upgrade. But willingly trying to comit a fraudlent act even if you think its just, it isn't worth it.
Nobody did anything wrong here, Tommy. I had my phone stolen. I was perfectly happy with brannew droid my droid, but I got a refurb that didnt act right. I got insurance on my droid, shouldnt I get a comparable phone? I merely asked for a NEW DROID. I never asked for a Droid 2. There were specks of dirt or dust or something between the glass and the screen, would you like that? No. If they had new droids, I would have expected that. I happened to get lucky.

and as far as passing it on, Ive witnessed people that were skeptical that asurion would give you a droid 2 for your droid, I wanted to clarify that yes, it does happen. and you dont have to yell at the tech or speak to a supervisor to get it. I wouldnt condone anyone committing insurance fraud here, but if your droid is legitimately stolen or damaged, by all means, take the upgrade, they can afford it from giving out refurbs to everyone for years.

I might add that this post is helpful because at the end of the Droid 1's life cycle, Asurion was replacing Droids with the Eris, Ally, or Devour. All of which are lesser phones. Due to the outrage they reportedly were going to be replacing them with the Droid X or the Incredible per a press release in late July. At the time the Droid X was sold out and the orignal Droid was completely out of stock. There have been few updates since.

Unfortunately there is a tremendous amout of fraud when it comes to insurance which is why premiums keep going up and up. But lets not get side tracked on the issue of the ethics of insurance fraud. I think we can all agree that insurance fraud is despicable and we all pay for it in the end.

My Droid 1 finally took a dump on me and I wanted to follow up to see whether or not I was going to have to file a claim and receive an inferior phone. The Droid 1 would be fine for a replacement but the Eris, Ally, or Devour would not. If I wanted a cheaper phone I would have bought one instead of the Droid and if I were going to have to settle for a second-rate replacement then I wouldn't have paid for insurance.

Just for the record I have had insurance on two phones and this is the first claim that I will have filed in over five years. I don't want an award, I just don't want people thinking that I update my phones once a year by dropping them out of a second story window.