Are you Glad you Chose the Thunderbolt?

Love it. Switched from Sprint. Had the evo.

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I'm coming from a BB Storm 2 and this phone make it look like it from the 90's :p I love my new TB! It's the bees knees and I can video Skype with the wife!dancedroid
I have a stock tbolt. Don't really see the big deal about the battery...yet. I'm on hr 13 since its been off the charger. At 75% battery left. Stock settings. No 4g.

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I love the phone. I came from a bb storm 2, then a Motorola droid both on Verizon. I have had no issues at all. I have 3g where I live but 4G is around the corner. Battery life is ok but for as much time as I spent on the thing I don't expect much more.

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Very. 4G all the way. Left my Droid x will never look back.
I picked up this phone because I am on vacation and they happen to have 4g. If I didn't like it I was considering returning it. The sales lady who sold me the phone said I have 4g service where I live so I'm eager to get home. The speed is insane, and the phone is silky and blazing quick. I may keep the phone after all, but for my wife who still has the D1. I am patiently waiting for the next dual core bionic or similar. The phone is very nice however the kickstand should be flipped 180 degrees, shouldn't it?

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Love the phone. Everyone who complains of the battery life needs to adjust their settings to conserve power and realize that if you use it constantly, the gigantic screen will drain the battery. Fact.

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