Apps2SD Help


Jul 4, 2010
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Hey Guys,

Sorry if any of these are noob-ish questions, but my searching so far has not turned up anything useful. I have a bunch of questions regarding Apps2SD on the Droid and any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance!!

1) Is formatting and/or partitioning the SD card necessary to get it working? I've gotten different info on this. Apparently the old implementation needed a separate partition, but the new one doesn't? I'm so lost, so someone please tell me definitively if I need to partition in a certain way.

2) Do I need to do anything when I go to a new ROM to get it working? To my understanding, installing new ROMs doesn't do anything to the SD card, so will a new ROM properly detect old apps installed on the SD or will this cause issues?

3) When Apps2SD is in use, where exactly are the apps installed on the SD card?

4) Does moving an already-installed app to the SD card in the options and freshly installing the app to the SD card produce the same result? When I moved apps to the SD card before, it seemed like it still kept some data in the phone's internal storage. Would this happen if I freshly installed it to the SD card?

Right now I have the SD card the way it comes stock with the Droid (one 16GB FAT32 partition) with some old files from old apps on it. I want to format it anyway to get rid of these old files. If the answer to 1) is no, then I will format it was one big 16GB FAT32 partition. Again, if I need to do anything in a particular way to get this fully working, please tell me. Thanks so much!! This feature is important to me because I tend to go on massive app downloading sprees, and I don't want to clog up my phone's internal storage or slow the phone down.