The Need For Speed: The 16GB Class 6 Micro SD Kind...


Nov 13, 2009
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I had an intermittent lag issue with my Droid that was pretty severe at times, and I guess I could see where something loading from the SD would cause this. Myg issue was "fixed" when I reverted back to stock Droid wallpaper.

What happened is that I had installed a wallpaper app and used one of the papers. Since then I uninstalled the wallpaper app but neglected to change the paper. That wallpaper stayed on my phone and it seemed that without the app there was a pause sometimes when going to home screen as well as unlocking, especially to answer a phone call. Sometimes the lag was as much as 7 seconds. When I finally went back to default wallpaper all was back to normal. I assume the wallpapers for that app were stored on the SD card, even though the app was in local RAM.

So I can see where a speedier SD card would help alleviate the problem, but the root problem is still likely something else that is not executing properly...yet based on transfer from the SD card.

Just a thought...