[APP] GloveBox Brings Ubuntu Touch Like Favorites Sidebar To Your Android Device!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The developer preview of Ubuntu Touch has been out for nearly a month now. One of the most notable features is the sidebar which allows for easy navigation of favorite apps from anywhere in the phone. With the sidebar you don't need to navigate to the home screen or to the app drawer you can easily navigate from within an app, or even from within the settings menus, or just anywhere.

Glovebox brings this functionality to your Android device. Once installed simply swipe from the left to access apps, shortcuts, and widgets from the sidebar. You are able to choose and reorder your apps for the sidebar. The app is free which makes this a pretty sweet deal!

Via Play Store
Yeah, but will it allow you to run 2 apps at the exact same time on a split screen (like Samsung's Multiview)? Otherwise, it's just quick access to apps which we already have with the use of apps like "Smart TaskBar."
It does not allow for multi-window...SideBar (lite and pro) is another app similiar to GloveBox and Smart Taskbar...
So I have it installed... But being the big dummy I am I cant get it to work.... I set up my apps in it but how do you engage it?