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Feb 27, 2010
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Does anyone know if there is an app for a Droid calendar holidays. I like to know the different holidays in the U.S., and I don't have it with the Droid.
if you have a pc you can just add things(other calendars) to your calendar there ....holidays is one of the things you can add :)
Thanks but no other calendar

I used to have one in my Motorola Q, but I no longer have it. Bummer.
Not sure if I did this or it just came with the droid, but when I click on Calender>menu>More>my calendars the US holiday calendar is there as an option.
Google calendar has a option to add Holidays. Would that work for you?

I used to have one in my Motorola Q, but I no longer have it. Bummer.
it's not a separate can incorporate them. all the things you choose will show on your you have pc access?
I use Android Agenda Widget. Its on the market for free. It has a holiday option. Lists your appointments you add in the calender for a quick viewing and has many diff sized widgets to suit you screen.
There are several calendars available, including US holidays (also British holidays, French holidays, etc.). Plus you can add your own holidays.
I will try it from my pc.
settings>calendars>browse interesting calendars

Thanks for your replies but I cannot find any calendars with holidays. Oh Well!
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