Anyone want to help a noob?!


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Dec 23, 2010
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Hey fellow droid enthusiasts! First post on this forum, imma total noob on top of that.

Anyways I got a Droid X the other day and it is freakin' awesome. I have never had a smartphone before nor even a phone with a data package, so this is like going from 0 to 600 mph in a few seconds, lol. I've downloaded a few apps and one I am loving right now is dropbox. Having all my files and folders on my computer synched to my phone without having to physically connect it is sweet.

One problem is that it only comes with 2gb for free and I don't have the money to drop like ten dollars a month for an upgrade (this phone and the data package are destroying my wallet as is). However they do have some deal that if you get other people to sign-up for dropbox with your referral link they will increase your storage.

I'm not going to try to trick people into doing this for me. Just thought I'd shoot straight with you all and see if anyone was willing to help me out. You can sign up for it and download the program and then hell you can delete it right after. I just need that initial sign up under my link! Thank you all in advance and sorry for the long post!