anyone else had problems getting an exchange?


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Mar 21, 2011
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i bought my phone from a Verizon store. it had problems within a week and after a call to tech support and 30 minutes of troubleshooting, it was exchanged at the store with no problem.

when i walked out of the store (both times) i specifically told the sales person to leave the stock screen protector on the phone. i wanted it on there till i get home so i can immediately put on a screen protector i bought.

as soon as i got home with the new exchanged unit, i peeled off the stock screen protector and i was wiping the tiny lints away to get it ready for the the "permanent" screen protector. i haven't even touched the screen with my fingers at all when i noticed that there was a small scratch on the screen from the factory. maybe i have OCD but if i scratch something myself, i learn to live with it. what i can not live with is a scratched device from the factory, considering i now have my Nexus One for a year an not a scratch on it. yes, i did have a screen protector on it from day one.

upon seeing the scratch, i immediately called tech support again and he said to bring it back to the store. i even emphasized the question if it was going to be a big deal to get something like that exchanged and he said no.

i get to the store at Duluth Georgia, and the sales person wasn't sure what to tell me so she talks to whom i assume is the person in charge. this lady looked at me like i'm crazy. they kept on telling me that just the fact i didn't have a screen protector on there, means i could have scratched it my self. i told them exactly that i had left the stock screen protector on, headed straight home, and discovered the scratch when i was getting ready to install my own protector. it doesn't make much sense that i waste a screen protector on a screen that was already scratched and will be returning anyways. she then asks me if i had insurance on the phone. i told her no. at which point she kinda just shrugged her shoulder as to imply "oh well, it's your problem now" since they kept arguing with me cause they think i scratched the screen.

that's the point i told her, "well, i'm still within my 14 days so i'll just close the account" and she promptly replied "well, i hate to lose you as a customer, just because there's a scratch on your phone" :icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil: i can appreciate the sentiments if she just said "i hate to lose you as a customer" and just left it at that. but adding "just because there's a scratch on your phone" makes me feel like they really have no problems calling me a liar. so much for "worry free"

i closed the account, paid the restocking fee and i was informed that the $35 activation fee will remain.

when i got home, i emailed tech support about my frustration and contested the $70 incurred fees on a phone i did not want to return in the first place! they credited the activation fee but i'm still working on getting the restocking fee back. i have already conversed with at least 2 reps about the issue and they are very apologetic. one even suggesting to just re-order the phone.

my sister told me that her cellphone account is in our mother's name cause my mother gets employee discount. i told my mother and we re-opened another account in her name. i got the phone for only $229 plus tax with only a 1 year contract! the phone with a 2 year contract is only $200 but in this case, i'll gladly pay $30 extra for a shorter term and half the cancellation fee. and my monthly payments are now 24% less. :icon_ banana:

i have read people on the forums saying that they're on their 3rd or 4th phone and they're still not happy. which is why i assumed it was no big deal to begin with. i couldn't even get passed 2!
Jul 12, 2010
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I understand your frustration, at it really is unfortunate that you happened to get the one with a scratch on it. Unfortunately you will never know what caused the scratch... a factory worker's fingernail when packing, the UPS driver when he threw the box onto his Truck, the VZW Store employee that unpacked the phone, or perhaps you when transporting the phone to your house. (Almost sounds like a spec of something was packed under the screen protector and it may have scratched that way?)

What really sucks is not people like you, the ones that get the truly bad product and just want some restitution for something that you did not do to the phone. The real problem is the thousands of a-holes before you that took their phones home, scratched the phone themselves and then took it back to make the store replace it. Because of them, Verizon probably created strict policies regarding exchanges in the case of phone damage and that's why you got screwed.

Case in point: My wife and I went to get an Ultrasound of our baby. When I whipped out my camcorder to record the procedure, I was told by the Tech that I couldn't video tape due to "liabilities" and it was a steadfast Policy. My guess: Some a-hole looking to get money had videotaped their procedure and then used it against them in a lawsuit.

It's like the guy that bought a McDonald's Coffee, puts it between his legs while he drives, spills the super hot coffee all over his crotch and then sues McDonald's for millions of dollars, all because he was a dillhole.