Any strategy for getting good service from Vz?


Nov 14, 2009
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No service in my neighborhood, even though Vz lies and points to their bogus map. Now even with a network extender it's unusable. Can't make or receive calls. When they don't drop, we can't be heard. This has been since we moved here last august.

Now I'm ready to fight. We pay $200/m for our family plan and literally cannot use our phones unless we drive 2 miles away. My friend used to work for Vz and gave me the inside scoop: Vz doesn't care.

Any advice? I can't even call my family in Ohio. Forget about 4g on my new phone isn't even a phone.
Read the contract, there may be a clause for you to bail without penalty if you can not get a signal in your area. Don't quote me though, its been years since I've read the contract. maybe someone here who is more knowledgeable with the current contract may chime in.
That's what I'm hoping. I'd rather they just fix it and we move on. I wish my brother was licensed to practice law in NC. LOL
When did you sign the contract? Was it before you moved there?

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Yes. Contract was November 2009 in Illinois.
Don't know. I don't even want to get into troubleshooting that box. whole can of worms. I want service that I pay for. And a girlfriend that my wife will approve.
I had that issue once. Called Verizon and they did a service ticket for me. 4 days later the problem was fixed.

My strategy was to tell them my situation, explain how I got a great 3G signal and multiple bars when I drove 5 miles from my house.

I always get great service from Verizon. Absolutely one of the better companies for customer service.

Just sharing my experience.
You could see if there's anything in your contract that would let you get out of it because of no reception. Most companies have something like that. Otherwise you can file a claim with the FTC or Better Business Bureau. They might be able to help you out.

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Typically it's best to work it out with the company itself first. But if they are unwilling to help you out then you can look into filing a complaint against them

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Yea I was reading and I was thinking to myself that I've always gotten good customer service from Verizon. What I've noticed is that they are generally working to help you out, as long as you treat them like people.

If you call with an attitude and start poppin off on who ever picks up the phone, that's when you get the meanest b*tch on the phone and you just end up angrier than before because you didn't get your way.

But if you call and just tell them what's going they'll usually go out of their way to help you, and if they can't they'll transfer you to who can.

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Not sure how the FTC or the BBB will help him. He signed a contract in one area, where apparently he had service. He moved to another area where the service isnt as good. VZW had nothing to do with him moving. I agree, he should be able to get out of his contract with out penalty if he has no service, but again he did sign a binding contract for 1 or 2 years. I know of no cell carrier that guarantees coverage any and every where. They all tell you the maps they show do not reflect actual coverage area, but rather a broader general scope of the coverage. I personally do not see how the OP can hold VZW responsible for the fact that he moved into a area where their coverage does not extend or does not extend very well.
My wife found a dead area on her drive home. Called VZW, they put in a work ticket. Week later, not perfect but usable. She stated it was a safety issue. They agreed.
I called last summer about lack of signal at our farm in WV. They couldn't fix that because the towers belonged to Cell One. Hopefully you'd be the former, not the latter. Good luck.

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