Any known plans for broader Android syncing?

Mar 3, 2011
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Atlanta, GA
I love having my gmail, calendar and contacts in constant sync with my phone but I would also love it if my documents were synced to my online google docs and my photos were synced with Picasa. Even my old Windows 6.1 phone had this capability with Microsoft Myphone (I think that's what it was called). I know there are 3rd party apps that do those things, but does anyone know if Google plans on making Android fully in sync with the various Google online apps?
WM6.1 could sync out of the box with Google Docs and Picasa?
You have to share your picture albums with Picasa manually, I believe. Anything on the Picasa Web Album will sync automatically to your phone as long as your account info is set up, I believe. Check under your GMail account & sync settings and you should see your Picasa account there if set up. But as far as the ability to take a picture on your phone and have it automatically sync without "sharing" it to Picasa first, I'm not aware of how to make that happen.

Google Docs I'm not sure about. I know if you buy Quick Office Pro it has an option to sync everything with Google Docs online.