Any have the Seidio Spring Clip Holster?


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Jul 30, 2010
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Does anyone have the Seidio Spring Clip Holster yet?

Spring-Clip Holster For use with Motorola Droid X

I'm looking to replace my current Verizon holster, but the thing that worries me about the Seidio holster is that the spring clip looks like it covers and presses on the power button on the top of the phone.

I just got mine. The holster is awesome. It has a mold for the power button that you can't see on their website.
i just got mine too. i ended up just buying it and it is so much better than the verizon one! the swivel clip is a bit tight, but it should loosen up over time.

another fantastic seidio product!
Got mine too. Would not want clip to loosen up any. Its a good product for sure. No issue with power button.

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I have the Verizon one. I am not interested in a belt clip for my Droid X though as the thing looks like I've strapped a VCR to my hip/belt. I like putting it discretly into my pockets :)
I have it, it is the worst holster I ever owned. The spring clip that holds the phone in is very weak. If the clip is just touched, the phone is no longer secured. My phone fell out after a couple hours of use. I never had a problem with my verizon holster.

I talked with seidio and they said that is the way it was designed.

I am returning it and sticking with the verizon holster.