Another wifi issue - two Galaxy S3 - old works fine - new doesn't via wifi


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Aug 18, 2013
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I've had my Galaxy S for just over a year and have no problems. Today my wife decided to no longer be a Luddite and upgraded to a smartphone - the Galaxy S3. Here is the problem- with the wifi turned off she has no problem connecting with the internet, email, etc. When we turn on wifi and it says that it is connected, she has no connection with the outside world. My phone has no problem connecting either way. Since her's is new I just wondering is there is some setting that I didn't or did set that may be causing the problem. An ideas? Both are with ATT.
Found a solution. Here is a cut & paste for the solution I found that worked for me.

1. From your telephone dialer enter: "*#0011#" without quotes to enter service mode.
2. Press settings button
3. Select WIFI
4. Turn off Wifi Power save mode.
5. Exit Service mode
6. Select Settings
7. Wifi
8. Advanced settings
9. Keep wifi on during sleep
10. Always