Another Thunderbolt strikes


Mar 28, 2011
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Murfreesboro, TN
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Galaxy S7
Saturday morning, I woke up & decided that I wanted some 4G data service. I wasn't going to get that on my iPhone or from AT&T. So, I went to the Verizon store & left with an HTC Thunderbolt. What I didn't expect was a Verizon network glitch that causes 4G to be spotty. But when it gets fixed, I'll be in heaven. I'm still getting used to the Android OS. Android seems to be more technical. Apple's iOS was pretty simple to navigate through. I'm sure with time & more exploring of the phone, I'll get used to it. I like to learn new things. :p
Welcome to the forum im sure you will have a great time with the phone and if you have any questions their are great crew of people to help out make sure you check out the thunderbolt section a
good luck and enjoy
Welcome to DroidForums and the ThunderBolt! Excellent choice! Android can be confusing but, we're here to help..don't hesitate to ask questions :)

Thread has been Thunder struck!!
Welcome welcome glad to have you everyone is helpful around here. Once you go android you won't go back. Hehe

from the thunderbolt
Thanks everyone. I'm going to head over to the Thunderbolt forums & see what's going on over there.