Hello Fellow Droid Users!


May 23, 2011
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Well, I'm obviously new here, and I wanted to say hello and tell a little about myself.

First of all, I should tell you that I have been an iOS user for several years. I have had an iphone for several years, as well as an iPad. I started with an iPhone 3GS and moved on to currently run an iphone 4. I always considered myself an iOS user for life and never really had any good opinions of Android.

However, for the last few months now I have been becoming more and more tired of Apple's "walled in" experience, as well as increasingly frustrated that I cannot do more with my iPhone then whatever Apple wants me to do. This has caused me to become increasingly drawn to Android. Lately, I have been doing quite a bit of research on Android, and have been increasingly drawn to the ability to do more with, and have more control over my smartphone experience.

I am an IT college student, as well as an avid gamer (mainly PC), and am very much interested in anything to do with tech. Computer networking is really my area of study.

My next step was to pick a phone that I felt really met my needs, and had plenty of muscle as well. I was originally going to go with the HTC Thunderbolt, but when I saw my first ad for the Motorola Droid X2 on Verizon was the device for me. I know it does not support 4G, but to be honest, that really isn't all that important to me. Most of what I do is over WiFi anyway, and there is no 4G anywhere near my area. In fact, one other issue that pulled me away from the iphone and especially ATT was the fact that there has never been any 3G coverage in my area. I actually had to go to Verizon and get their MiFi mobile broadband device just to access any data on my iphone when away from a WiFi area. So in short, I have to use Verizon's network to access data on my ATT iphone. I do have the Edge network, which we all know is pretty much useless. So tomorrow I am going to Verizon and pick up my new Motorola Droid X2 and begin my first Android experience!

The Droid X2 and its Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processors have me pretty excited. I consider myself a pretty heavy user, and will certainly log several hours every day on my device. I really hope there are as many decent games in the Android Market as the Apple App store has available.

So, to sum it all up, I am falling away from iOS and Apple and switching to Android and am pretty excited about doing so. dancedroid

Hawaiian Princess

Nov 27, 2010
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welcome to the forum. great intro. u will definitely find a wealth of information and a wealth of knowledge here. although I may like apple products, it can't beat what android os can/can't do. u will be amazed how far this thing can be pushed to its limits. I hope u find the X2 as comfortable as can be for ur first Android device. im sure it'll be a transition at first but the community is here to assist u. good luck in ur new found environment...

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