Hello Fellow Droids


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Nov 13, 2009
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Bloomington, IN
After being an employee with Apple and having of course an iPhone i have never been happier switching to both Verizon and the Droid. I've never had a forum "place" to go to so I'm hoping this can be my home away from home =D
LoL ... NOW i know what irony means :D

Welcome to the forums dude, im glad u made it here and like it here as well as your new :motdroidhoriz:. Tell me now, from an inside view, what makes the DOID better than the i(ncompatible)Phone?

Honestly its just an all around different phone it has its ups and downs. The full Google support is what brought me to this phone in the first place. I really wanted to start developing for Android with a buddy and that is what made us ACTUALLY switch. The iPhone is a great phone dont get me wrong, but the Droid and Android is going to open so much possibilities here in the coming future. Thanks for the greeting Tigger!

I too made the switch from 3GS to DROID, and Man! Is It Sweet...

- 16:9 aspect ratio

- 2.69 times the screen resolution

- much better call quality/reliability

- better media player sound quality

- the option of hard or software keyboards

- rugged/masculine looks that aren't clad in smudge-prone/cheap plastic

- user-changeable battery w/ noticeably better battery life

- V E R I Z O N, and all the goodness that comes with their service

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Definitely, definitely. We plan on making some really cool apps. I'm glad to hear im not the only one coming from the 3GS ,even though my buddy did too =] and i love those specs DaHarder listed, i just couldn't thinking of the best stuff off the top of my head!