Another PDF problem


Nov 6, 2009
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I know, I know, another pdf issue! Ive read some past threads and it seems like the only real answer has been to turn off the SSL cert option. Issue is...that option has always been turned off and I still can't get pdfs to open.

Im using yahoo mail and getting everything just fine. I can open word docs with ease using docs to go. When I try to open a pdf from the actual email it "fetches" forever and then tells me it cannot be displayed. Ive got beam reader on the Droid but there is no option to save the pdf to the phone to open it that way and the only option on the actual attachments is to "open" it, no "save" option.

One other issue, opening a jpeg file can usually be done (though often it takes forever). Although sometimes it just fetches forever and then I get the a "connection error" even with a strong signal, any thoughts on that?

Any help on this? Much appreciated guys.
No thoughts on these issues? Heard of fix for this in the 2.1 update? Anything?