Android Web Browsers Issue


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Oct 31, 2009
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Here's the issue I've found on ALL Android Web browsers, but is not an issue on iPhone's Safari browser. If you go to the site on PC, and click on an article, you'll see the main article has at least two tabs: "Article" and "Comments." However, on Android Web browsers, clicking on the tab "Comments" displays the same content as for the tab "Article." Here's an example of a WSJ article, where you can see the 2 tabs I mentioned (try this on both PC and Droid):

Strains in Party Threaten Democrats' Plans -

This issue is with ALL Android mobile browsers, but the site works perfectly fine on iPhone's Safari browser. Any suggestions?
it's a scripting issue. FF would not open it on my PC until I allowed the script to run.
So, is there a solution/work-around to this issue? Perhaps an opportunity for Andoid developers, since on iPhone all the features of site are enabled?