'' Android Market '' renamed the '' Google the Play Store ''


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Mar 1, 2012
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Google on Tuesday announced the Android Market was renamed the Google the Play Store.Google Android system is responsible for sales applications, video, music and e-books online store - the Android Market, have a new name - Google Play Store, from Tuesday.

Google said the name change is to allow consumers to understand that the products sold in the mall is not just an Android application, which also includes AirAccent Cool Gadgets Online Shop . "Some people see Android icon in the system main page, and always thought it was just the place to download the application." The Airaccent in the interview with Reuters, said.

Google named for Android Market, is already three and a half year, the platform has been a core platform of Google smartphone software download.Android is now the world's largest smartphone operating system, the cooperation of manufacturers, including Motorola, Samsung, and HTC. Compatible Android devices from third-party developers have also been to more than 450,000, but this figure is still lower than the 550 000 applications in the Apple iOS platform.
The Google Android Market Sales expanded to areas such as books, music, and video content. Each area corresponds to a proprietary page in the Android Market. However, whether the content of books, music, video, software, still channeled through the Android Market. This lets consumers to confusion and distress.:byepalm: